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GTM Reserve Kayaking Tours at Guana River

Explore the GTM on This Tour!

Formerly known as Guana River State Park, the GTM-NERR is one of 29 National Estuarine Research Reserves in the United States. This designation assures one of the best natural systems in the country. Explore this beautifully preserved area on our guided kayak tour!

The Friends of the GTM-NERR and Ripple Effect Ecotours have partnered to offer extensive eco-educational opportunities exploring the ecological diversity of the GTM-NERR. The coastal estuary offers incredible views of nesting bald eagles and possible encounters with Atlantic bottlenose dolphins and the West Indian manatee, as well as many other documented species.

Most of all, this area provides a real glimpse into what real Florida has to offer in abundance — sheer beauty nestled between civilization to the north and south. Our touring kayaks are the perfect vehicle for exploring one of the most productive ecosystems on the planet in a low-impact and environmentally friendly way, leaving behind only ripples!

Kayak Tours Offered at Guana

  • Guana River GTM-NERR Friends
  • Guana River Estuary
  • Family Kayak Tours for ages 6 and up!
  • Lake Guana from the dam
  • 6-Mile Landing Lake Guana
  • Indians of the Estuary
  • The Zen Kayak Tour
  • Sunset Tours every weekend
  • Full Moon Kayak Tours
  • Kayak Instructional Classes
  • Night Sky Astronomy Kayak Tour