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Kayak Gear

High-Quality Kayak Gear Rentals

Our Kayaks

Ripple Effect Ecotours takes great pride in the high quality of our tour locations, our guides and our equipment. We believe in providing you with the best equipment available in terms of paddling efficiency and comfort. The outfitter can make all the difference in your kayaking experience. Please join us!

We use Necky Looksha “T” tandem kayaks. These boats are the industry standard kayaks for any serious outfitter or expedition racer. These kayaks are designed to glide easily, taking you anywhere you want to go under any conditions. We have found that this is essential for a comfortable and relaxing exploration. If you have mobility concerns, we offer Old Town Dirigo Tandem kayaks that have a more spacious, open cockpit.

We also use the Old Towns for our family tours to keep the younger kids close by their parents, enabling two adults and a child to paddle together. Tandem kayaks reduce physical impact. They are twice as efficient as a single kayak which allows us to cover more distance, even with a group of beginners…..two people working as one!

The Paddles

We use Werner Skagit and Aquabound Stingray paddles. These lightweight paddles really help to lighten the load and make for hours of easy paddling enjoyment.

Life Jackets-PFD’s (Personal Flotation Device)

Our MTI “APF”, All-Person-Fit life jackets are remarkably comfortable and breathable, even in the hot Florida sun. They are routinely washed and properly dried to keep them in good condition.

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