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Kayak Instruction

Professional Kayak & Paddling Instruction

Our ACA certified kayak instructors have many years of teaching experience including white water and coastal systems.

From tying knots, to outfitting your car, to self-rescue techniques; whatever your goal, we can help you reach it with knowledgable and personalized instruction. We provide you with a kayak to match your skill level along with a paddle, spray skirt, bilge pump and paddle float. With a focus on safety, technique and awareness, Ripple Effect is committed to helping you become the best paddler you can be.

Beginner Kayaking
Beginners will learn all the basic paddling strokes and how to avoid injury by eliminating bad habits before they become permanent. We present and explain all necessary paddling gear in detail. Beginners also learn self and assisted rescue techniques. These are a must for anyone seeking to explore the wide expanses of coastal waters.

Intermediate Kayaking
Intermediate paddlers will learn the concept of “edging” to use the kayak’s surface in conjunction with their body to glide effortlessly around turns and through waves. We introduce “sculling” and, to help you to increase your stability, you will learn to master the “low brace” and “low brace turn”.

Advanced Kayaking
Experienced paddlers will fine tune their skills and learn advanced techniques like the “bow rudder” and “side slip”. Stay upright in turbulent conditions as you add the “high brace” to your paddling arsenal. We train you in advanced safety techniques such as “the hand of god”.

Are you an aspiring kayak instructor looking to prep for the ACA certification class? We can help get your form and technique right where they need to be for test day.