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Policies & Guidelines

Our Guarantee and Promise

Please keep in mind that nature is forever changing. We can only guarantee that all of our trips are in the most serene and productive places in the area. There are plenty of opportunities to see much of the beauty that is natural Florida.

What we promise is the possibility of encountering dolphins, manatees, turtles, and many of the species of birds that make these wetlands their temporary or permanent home. What we deliver is a great escape from the hustle-bustle of the Old City and the best natural experience that you can have in St. Augustine!

What is included in your eco tour:
The price for the tour includes all kayaking equipment including dry bags, guide service, and park admission fees.

Age restrictions and experience level:
All scheduled kayak tours are available to ages 6 and up. No experience is required. Each of our tours starts with full paddling and safety protocol on the beach before we ever get on the water. Within 10 minutes, most people feel entirely relaxed and comfortable.

Making reservations:
We have real-time online reservations that guarantee your seats even when booking the day of the tour. Just select a date from the “Ecotour Calendar” where descriptions and pricing are shown and easily register for any tour. Please take into consideration that the scheduled tours on our calendar represent the best time for each specific location considering tides, wildlife, prevailing winds, and natural beauty. After registration, you will receive an email confirmation from our website and a receipt from our payment processing. Please call for any group or child discounts.

Cancellation policy:
Because we limit the seats on our tours to ensure the best natural experience, we have to maintain a strict 48-hour cancellation policy in order for you to receive a full refund. Please make sure you are at the launch point 15 minutes prior to departure time. We will wait an additional 5 minutes after the scheduled departure time for any groups that may be running late. Please call ahead if you are having difficulties. We will always be available to assist you from the tour site.

Inclement weather:
Kayaking is a nature-based activity, and we do deal with a bit of the elements. Weather dictates every facet of our business, and you can trust that we take it very seriously. We will never put anyone out in a dangerous situation. Lightening or heavy winds in excess of 20 mph will always cancel a tour. Ripple Effect Ecotours has the finest in technology and safety equipment. We constantly monitor live weather radar to track any bad weather in the area. If we cancel the tour due to weather or any other reason, you will receive a full refund immediately. Of course, we always encourage you to reschedule, and we offer tours every day so please consider another outing so that you don’t miss all the fun!

What to bring and wear:
Our expedition kayaks are capable of carrying 200 pounds of gear, so bring whatever you may possibly need. We recommend a big hat, sunglasses, sunblock, bug spray (not usually needed), water, binoculars, a camera, water shoes, appropriate clothing, a good attitude, and a big smile!

Kayak tours:
Each tour begins with instruction for kayaking technique and safety. We have taken thousands of people kayaking. Still concerned? Trust us! Each of our experienced guides is equipped with a waterproof cell phone with live weather radar to track any weather in the area. This ensures your safety and comfort and allows them the opportunity to customize each tour considering the current weather conditions.

Sunset tours:
Please keep in mind that we have a 40% chance for a passing shower every day during the summer from May through November. As a rule, these showers pass by 6 p.m., allowing for a cooler and prettier sunset tour. Unless you hear from us, we’ll see you at the park!

Boat tours:
Appropriate for all ages. Our unique eco tour boat, the Ripple Effect One, is the only vegetable oil-powered eco tour boat in Northeast Florida. It is designed to take you and your family into areas that are not suitable for kayaking such as the Matanzas Inlet, which is the only natural inlet on the east coast of Florida. Boat tours are limited to six guests. There is plenty of room and comfortable seating for all. People with mobility concerns will find that this particular boat design offers a walk-in and walk-out door, making boarding effortless.